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Zithande Lyrics

Album Name : Nomvula
Release Date : 2008-09-02
Song Duration : 4:36

Freshlyground Zithande

(The Mjongeni’s are driving around in Mercedes
Me and Carolina we scrub the floors
We’re not complaining
We’re feeding the small mouths
Me and Carolina we are working
Gone by are the Matiba’s
When we’d hoped that they would save us
And failed has That Umbeke
Although we saw him coming

And the madams they take us so low by speaking so high
But we see through them
And our boyfriends, they don’t care about us
They bring us AIDS
We see through them
Gone by have the Mahatma’s
When it was hoped they would save us
And failed has Mother Mary
Me and Carolina saw it coming

Hold my hand and may we fly in the clouds
Me and Carolina ask you to stop being so selfish
Me and Carolina we invite you
Gone by have the Verwoerd’s
When it was said that they would destroy us
And failed has Pik Botha
But me and Carolina, we saw it coming.)

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