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Harm Lyrics

Frente Harm

First time on earth
Going to have to tell you how to laugh
Smile like a star, a young disaster
You fist fight yourself like
Look for the thread
Try to keep the gloves above your head
Time tied them tight
You can't pick things up
Sit beside watch while
Today's too much for you...you just want to go, don't you?
You're damned if you don't and you're dumb if you do
Knock knock shoot the clock
Slip into a sleep full of sweat
Think you closed your eyes
See the water rise
Swim like a child might, swear at the sun
Fumble your words like a gun
Now you're rusting in the street
Try to trust your feel to find you
Someone un numb
Today's too much for you...you just want to go, don't you?
Aching in my arms you've come to harm
And you'll die before you'll disregard the logic in your veins
You say the word again, you hear the word again
Until you hate the word again
You step into my room
1000 of you, nobody cries
You slip out of your lies
Flick (night) light dies
All of your cells yell surprise
Death and her beautiful eyes, death had beautiful eyes
Soul in a spoon, heart in a jar, that's what you are
Soul in a spoon, coming down soon, that's what you are

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