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Breakout Lyrics

Album Name : Frehley's Comet
Release Date : 1987-05-15
Song Duration : 3:39

Frehley's Comet Breakout

Been in this cell block seven years too long
Payin' for a crime when I didn't do anything wrong
Lyin' here rotting for someone else's mistake
I've come to my senses, it's time to make a break

Breakout, I'm coming after you
Breakout, I say our love is overdue
Breakout, I'm at the breaking point
Breakout, gonna bust out of this joint

I'm sick and tired of punchin' out license plates
For a criminal justice system that I hate
The food here sucks, I'm not about to wait
Well I've come to my senses, It's time to make a break

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