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Holding On Lyrics

Freddie Mercury Holding On

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Keep doing it
Yeah, yeah

When I was a little boy and growing up
I, I didn't know myself what's left and right
I'm all pent up
Said holding on
They said, keep, keep holding
Holding, holding on

My mama told me this
She said don't grow up too quickly
She said grow up boy, grow up boy
She said hold on, keep on
Holding on, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Mama told me
That's what she said
Keep holding babe
Holding, holding

Holding on
He stopped holding on
She said to me, she said to me
Keep holding on
I honey, I said I would keep holding
Oooh, oh, oh, ooh, oh
(Ad-libbed lyrics)
Yeah, yeah
I said keep holding, holding

My big brother told me
He said, I don't need you as a brother, babe
I wanna, I wanna keep holding on
That's what he said
I just keep holding, holding
(Ad-libbed lyrics)
(Ad-libbed lyrics)
You do that

One more time
I keep holding on, yeah
I just keep holding, holding on
Holding on, key change

Holding on, holding on
I just keep holding on, holding on
My mama told me that
I gotta keep holding on, yeah, yeah, ha, ha, ha, yeah
Wooh, oooh, ooh, oh, oh, oh
Ha, ha

Now it's your turn babe
Go, go
(Ad-libbed lyrics)
(Ad-libbed lyrics)
(Ad-libbed lyrics)
(Ad-libbed lyrics)
Yeah, ha

Hang on, what


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