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If Those Lips Could Only Speak Lyrics

Album Name : Torches
Release Date : 2011-05-23
Song Duration : 3:59

Foster & Allen If Those Lips Could Only Speak

If those lips could only speak
If those eyes could only see
If those beautiful golden tresses
Were here in reality
Could I only take your hand
As I did when you told my name
But its only a beautiful picture
In a beautiful golden frame

It stood in a beautiful mansion
Surrounded by riches untold
And he gazed at the beautiful picture
That hung in a frame of gold
Was the picture of a lady
So beautiful young and fair
To this beautiful life-like vision
He murmured in self-despair

He stood there and gazed on that picture
Then stumbling forgetting all pain
For there in that mansion in fancy
She stood by his side again
His lips softly murmured
The name of his once sweet bride
With his eyes fixed on that picture
He walked from his dream and cried

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