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Storytelling Johnny Lyrics

Fosca Storytelling Johnny

Storytelling Johnny, sit me on your knee
Recite me some memory. No one else need see
Glowing with gossip of some gamine from Glossop
Boyish girl with a rucksack. Girlish boy with a bad back
You're high on Wittgenstein. You are kind with red wine
Whispering after a time, "I ALONE AM MINE."

Storytelling Johnny, crying like Niobe
Moaning "if only others were as TIDY as me
I once attempted Love. But it was oh so MESSY
Not like in the MOVIES. Where at least it's much SHORTER...
It's best to dye your hair. It's best to change your name
Rather than pin the blame on some helpless mother."

I long for today to be just like it was at school
Where I was nearly Loved just for sharing my answers
But the Happy Adult look wasn't in any Usborne book
And a gold star in algebra won't get you far (except the bar)
And in a hopeful maisonette, the girl pushed a boy away and said
"These hips are not child-bearing, they're child-SPURNING
And child-SPARING and child-SCARING."

I was getting so afraid. I nearly had a t-shirt made
She is now smoking menthols, because she heard they make you sterile
She says "I'm helping evolution while remaining very stylish
And oh it's also very handy for removing a young family
From a crowded cafe... I just light up and SWEAR LOUDLY
Well I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

Storytelling Johnny, throw your words around me
You never fail to regale with a new tale
You're still high on Wittgenstein. You're still ready with red wine
You are free from anyone's designs, saying "I alone am mine."
You're resigned to "I alone am mine."

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