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Ether Inside Lyrics

Forlorn Ether Inside

The ether inside speack of illusions
I enter a world, I have seen it before...
Neither dreams nor nightmares
Can be compared
I stand still... or do I?

Can you hear me... did I think that...
Did I think.. Hey. Get back here...

The night creeps under my skin
Making my heart darker
The nails on my fingers still missing
Wish I knew why
The world is a lie, I need something more

Come my way, beautiful one.
Caress me with your sweet tips
Take my hand
And you will never die nor wither
On these beds of starlight
Strange wonders occur
Hey, did you leave me behind.
Should run master beautiful..
I see you in the corner of my eye
You can never run away,
Face your demons baby,
Meet me halfway

Tribal terrorism, global assimilation,
Colonisation of the planets
I dred we may fall far far behind,
Locked down by our own blindness
Hyperspace, warp 9.2 consievable, yes.
Posible, off course
But will not be done.
Human race is far behind
Let me have your ether now,
Before I kill you all

Captain, my captain..
What bearing shall I set for?
Alfa system? Zone 0.2 perhaps...
Quick, before they attack!
Ave Maria, hail America, ave Cecar
Leaders of the world... I spit on you all
You drain us,
Drain our brains with rubberish
Take action now. I promise you.
It's all over...

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