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Clear The Coast Lyrics

Forever Young Clear The Coast

I can still remember the way the skyline sun was set,
The fear we felt inside our heads and racing home until there wasn't one breathe
Left in any of our lungs, the cold air rushing past our tongues
And never even thinking of tomorrow.
Do you think that you are better off this way?
Or maybe you're just scared that things will stay the same.
Either way I know that you are leaving, without a warning you were gone.

You made promises you couldn't keep, we were winning heart and losing sleep,
These days I'm lucky just to sleep a wink
And now I see just how easily something like a few states can destroy me.

Everyday is the same thing we don't ever speak your name
But we'll always remember, but I'll always remember
The change you brought this time each year the face you made when your dad had too much beer
And I hope that you'll remember, I swear that you'll remember.

Please let me know when the coast is clear so you can be the storm to
Remind me hopes not near and neither are you.

And all I have left are pictures and second chances
Of a friend who's worth so much more than my mental stances.

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