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Eat The Ground Lyrics

Album Name : We Are the Media (Exclusive Online Version)
Release Date : 2008-02-14
Song Duration : 4:22

Forever Wings Fold Eat The Ground

Passed away.
The whitest light, unanswered questions realized.
The truth is told but it's too late.
Salvation carved into the sun.
Won't you show it to me, show it to me?
We'll all go blind if this goes on.
Here's my attempt before I pass...
Step inside.
We're grasping too high for our reach.
It's right before our eyes, so open wide.
How can I trust what I can't touch?
We've breached the lines of safety.
Now, eat the ground, we all fall down.
It's out of my hands now, watch it go.
Watch it go won't you show it to me?
I'll I have grown from this faction.
We can't stop this; we never can, we never will.

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