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Even Fantastica Lyrics

Album Name : Bluffer's Guide To The Flight Deck
Release Date : 2005-08-16
Song Duration : 7:28

Flotation Toy Warning Even Fantastica

I could never ask for what I really wanted
So I bought one for you, just to see me through
So put your hand in my hand and we'll swim through
warmer waters
Push through the tiny door into the ball

Each and every room is different from the other one
There's one for every day of a beautiful life
Delivery in a broken box means better in-flight video
I'm afraid I've heard it all before

This one has no gravity and that one's upside down
And that one's full of buttons you press to feel
The all round audio-visual masterpiece of pleasure
But you must still be ready for the falls
Not all of them are happy and some are far from funny
But every one will help you on your way

Everything you want is here, though I'd better make it
This soul's mine and that's the way it's going to stay
Everyone you know is here, even those that disappeared
They just hid out here amongst the trees

And everything you ever lost, they kept it here in one
big box
And everywhere you look there's birds and trees and
And every moment when you shined, they caught it on
video just in time
And all your best one-liners are down here on audio-

If you're frightened of the future watch it on TV
Though there's probably not much that you'd want to see
Though I guess you could get ahead with your favourite

You want wisdom, then try seventy, want to be cool then
go back fifty
Everywhere you look there's birds and trees and it's
You to me were twisted kind but now I'm here and I find
I can see it's mine and it's wonderful


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