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One And Only Lyrics

Album Name : Independence Day
Release Date : 2007-03-07
Song Duration : 4:26

Fiji One And Only
Oh... oh... oh...
ai... ai.
na na na na na na na na na
oh. ai. ah baby

So much makes emotions goin through my mind.
I got a feeling.
Your letting me know something tonight.
Tell me if its so, your gonna let me go.
Let me know girl.
Dont wanna be suprised by anything.
Now what is driving me crazy,
is that I wouldnt hurt you baby.
There is know kind of intention.
No mixed kind of a signal.
Let me just go if you want me to go.
I would'nt hold it against you.
Your my only one and baby boo oo.

What makes you think that i wanna hurt you baby. Ooh...
Never in this world would i ever touch you honey.
Your my baby.
What makes you really think i wanna hurt you honey. Ooh babe
Never in this world would I ever break you baby.
Your my one and only
your my one and only baby. Baby

I bought you diamonds and i gave you pearls.
Just to show you your my only girl.
Why do we have to fight?
Each and every night.
Maybe some day it will dawn on you.
Thinkin i was just a common fool.
But noooo, life without me can be so cold.


Baby i am confused. Girl i know whats true that i choose.
And it hurts my feelings when you tell me you feel used and abused.
Girl I just don't know what to do.
I really don't want to lose you.
Baby I tried my best.
Well i tried to grant your every wish.
Everything that you want i got to give it as a gift.
Know that love can grow but its time for us to split.
And it hurts because i love you more that just a little bit.


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