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Darkness To Light Lyrics

Album Name : Independence Day
Release Date : 2007-03-07
Song Duration : 3:37

Fiji Darkness To Light
La di da di da di da oh ai...
La di da di da di da
[repeat 2x]

[1st Verse]
Look at me, i'm helpless
waiting relentless
for you to come on by and say hello tonight.
Desperately anticipating
Hopefully you ain't faking
those tendencies i know you have in mind

So baby what you waiting for
Aint no need to act no need to be unsure
I wanna be the one to run in on your show
We can fall in love tonight
Dont worry about the men `round here.
When i step to you their hearts will fill with fear
They know to not worry
come around its clear
We can bring the darkness to light.

La di da di da di da oh ai
[Repeat 3x]

[2nd Verse]
Now its clear and out in the open.
All the lies you been hearin and im hopin
That you only believe what you kno to be true
When i call, you know when.
That its for the love of you i'm showin.
And we can do what we really came to do.
Its true.

[Repeat Chorus]

I know you checkin my frame of mine.
This ain't no game of mine
Too many pathetic lies gone by.
Ya heard
Ain't nobody tryin to be absurd.
I'm tryin to show you actions speakin louder then my words.
Respect is somethin baby that you got to earn.
If we have to spend a love affair than its confirmed.
Better to have a healthy conversation when we burn.
Thats the only way we can settle our concerns.

[Repeat Chorus]

La di da di da oh ai
ooh whoo...

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