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Splendid Isolation Lyrics

Fiddler's Green Splendid Isolation

The sun was shining bright just for a minute orange light
Without any sorrow
Breathe the rainy air, without the rain the sky was

The days are fading away you’re probably out there
The sky is pale and grey just like my soul
I live my life like a slug in isolation
And a ray of light gets lost under my skin

Girl - Gotta find a home tonight
Girl - No matter where it is I’ve been searching for so
I gotta find a home tonight
I feel I lose myself in splendid isolation
In splendid isolation

The wind is endless and wide making the birches shiver
The leaves are caught in the wind just like my soul
There is a voice at my door breaking the peacefull
Won’t you get me out of this isolation

Come over me - no matter where you are
Come over me - I’ve been searching
Come over me - no matter where you are
Come over

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