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Fiddler's Green Gospel

Well, I saw her one fair evening it was early summer
Man and nature were in blossom, I was really feeling
I asked if she would kiss me though I'm usually rather
But she Looked right into my face and said KMA goodbye

Long ago I had a girl friend she was pretty, she was
On a lonely winter evening I was in a crazy mood
I said: Won't you become my wife
and hoped that she would not deny
She just laughed her head off screaming KMA goodbye

I wonder if I’m born to lose
I wonder if I always get the sack

Don’t give in, don’t give up
Always bad luck
Why do I always fall on bad times!?
Don’t give in, don’t give up
Always bad luck
Why do I always fall on bad times?

Once I made a lovely journey but there was a traffic
Next to me a pretty girl, sitting in a caravan
While I showed her all my love I overlooked that big
tall guy
Who came over and he kicked me, he said KMA goodbye

Oh lord, mercy me
Show a little sympathy
Don’t let me die in agony
Don’t leave me high and dry
Oh ford, mercy me
Show a little sympathy
Take me to the promised land
How Long do I have to sing this song!?

Once I had a decent supper in a lovely restaurant
When I caught a certain glimpse, that I understood
quite wrong
And she took her chips with ketchup, flung them into my
left eye
In my right eye was her fist which means KMA goodbye

Don't give in and fight bad times

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