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Of Wilderness And Ruin Lyrics

Album Name : Epoch
Release Date : 2011-02-11
Song Duration : 8:18

Fen Of Wilderness And Ruin

Many have been those who walked before me
But few now remain on these blasted paths
Where once we stood and gathered as one
Fragmented now are those of the unbound

We stood and watched as the sky turned to fire
And the sacred hollows of old were sundered
Eclipsed by the dawn of a new era
There is nothing for me now above or below this Earth

For what long ago was held to is no more
A hollow shell, a shattered conceit
Condemning the memories of a thousand generations
To the abyss of the forgotten

My eyes shimmer as they fall upon the ruins
Loss scars my spirit
My vehemence carries on cold, death-charged winds
It burns through me, scars my veins
And wracks the remains of an already tormented spirit
Rage and despair entwine
And a broken man surrenders

I lay and stared as the soils turned to dust
And the last of the stars died
Eclipsed by the dusk of finality
There is nothing

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