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Silver Plane Lyrics

Album Name : Poem of the River - EP
Release Date : 2007-01-08
Song Duration : 2:40

Felt Silver Plane

Now you've gone my mind is free
I'm going to think about what you said
all your thoughts like a passing plane
are going floating through my head
you said I'd soon be dead
the little things that you said

Said you'd leave us all behind
and took a walk to the edge of a town
silver bird would have suited you
as your feet never touched the ground
and you're still hanging around
you said the cars must have all left town

I never listened to you
We never shared
I didn't hear what you said
I didn't know that you cared

Two years in this little room
it's going to start suffocating me
I'll fly away on a silver plane
to reclaim my privacy
you said you'd follow me
there's a distinct possibility

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