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I Shot A Warhol Lyrics

Album Name : Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet
Release Date : 2007-02-01
Song Duration : 3:54

Felt I Shot A Warhol
[MURS & Slug]
I shot a Warhol dead with my pistol
When the wind hit the hole in the canvas it whistled
Beautiful with no frame, a face with no name
Glass full of cold fame, chased it with slow pain

Nostrils of cocaine, cocktail and kill time
Scenes from a bad film lived out in real time
Who plays the hero? which one's the victim?
Violent and fearful, they find their positions

Pride and ambition, the enemies inside you
Tendencies to listen, even when you're lied to
Pry through the details, unmask the myth
Try to impress the cast with acid trips
Mash your lips against a cold hard bottle of
Washed up stars and old role models

She loves the sorrow so much that she swallows
But talk to tomorrow which walk will she follow?
Everybody needs to be appreciated
Execute him for the masterpiece that he created
Death of a sales martyr, fire starter
If the hate doesn't make you wanna die, try harder


No game to rise to, the coke side blinds you
Hope with no aim, and its the fuel that you "Eye" to
Steady with that rifle, pointed at your idle
Open up the spot with each fallen rival

This is the cycle, replace the A-list
The next batch of faces can come hate the famous
Everybody thinks that what they make is golden when Lennon got shot
There were thoughts of holding what'cha gonna do to impress the bitch
Which slow blow gets picked when you get that itch

If they notice that you're climbing to the focus
Surround yourself with soldiers and like minded moments
Dark sticks, in whoever heart's the biggest
Eye of the beholder is dark, cold and vicious
She loves you because she loves image
Let's tear it all apart from the start to the finish


It's nothing but a slow pulse if you just stop feeling it
Your friends and your folks can't adjust to what you're dealing with
Accustomed to trust, now the lust got you killing it
Eyes wide shut now your f..cked no healing it

Travel down the barrel towards the light once in open space
It's easy to lose sight; don't look down
You're bound to fall flat if you do hit the ground
You're bound to bounce back

The sound track she hated every single song
But everybody else seemed to wanna sing along
Bring along the belief that every thing is wrong
We all break down in front of God before the break of dawn

Silence; open up the eyelids to sex, drugs, and violence
Movies, songs, books everything is based on it
So we stay on it, got a bullet with your face on it


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