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Felt 20 Answers
Ay Murs, why you always look mad at at life?
First, f..ck you for asking
, cause you know that ain't right
I just refused to be plastic for these rappers I don't like
Well how do you manage to stay so polite?
Anger management technique, developed out of spite
Rather kill you with kindness than kill you in a fight
So why you wanna punch these other rappers in their face?
Cause they fake as f..ck, and a waste of space
Besides, fist not guns, that's a change of pace
So who are you to judge who's true these days?
I been around the block, got a few dues paid
One of the few rappers left that'll do what I say
Def Jux
Living Legends
that you're reppin'?
Man, I'm all about good music, people and progression
I got friends in different sections
Do you really think race is the reason you ain't sellin'?
What, you trying to piss me off and put a end to this session?
This Is For
- c'mon, next question
Aight, what was it like working with Humpty Hump?
One hell of a artist, but a f..cking drunk
Though he did get the video cracking, I won't front
You had a bunch of porn stars there, anything jump?
Yeah, up into my lap for some head just once
And I could've got some pussy, but I was too f..cked up
after the first "Felt", did you meet Christina?
No, she never said thanks, my black ass never seen her
That's why I moved on to my Nubian queen, heh
So what's the definition of the
"3: 16"
It's my birthday, fool:
Plus the formula for the every rap song that you sing
Hey Slug, why you only make songs about women?
Priorities, man. Nah, I'm kiddin'
I'm trying to build heaven while the world's still spinnin'
How big did you guess it would get in the beginning?
This is still the beginning, still unraveling ribbon
The mission is to travel for as far as the vision
Well how long so you think this success will last?
Man, for all I know, that shit already passed!
It's impossible to answer that question asked
We didn't, you dumbass! Go read the math
did one record, for beats and laughs
, whatever happened to
Well things felt wrong, so we both had to move on
No love gone, every day holds a new dawn
Business and friendship: where's the line drawn?
Family and friends may get past the front lawn
Business is done by the end of the last song
Is it the caffeine, the nicotine, the milligrams, the tar?
No: it's Selena, it's Christina, it's Serena in my car
It's a thick line between being a genius and a star
Are you rapping, acting, or kittin the guitar?
Man, f..ck that shit! I'm just sittin at the bar
Writing these hits about self-inflected scars
Are you in love with this game, completely and truly?
From the music to the voice to the stage to the groupies
I'm the same as I was back when nobody knew me
Alright, who is Lucy?
She's the extra that gets to play the devil in my movie
sipping a beer smoothie

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