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It's Too Late Lyrics

Album Name : Midwest Funk 3
Release Date : 2003-02-09
Song Duration : 3:28

Felecia It's Too Late

yeah, hell yeah (Ooh,ooh,yeah).
Desperately, yeah I got my little girl FeFe
(Your Too Late) Bring it down...check it.

I gave you all my love but that wasn't enough
To keep you here by my side (Baby)
You had to play silly games
To try to run your thang on me
And now that I'm leavin' you wanna be serious but

It's Too Late
Too Late Baby(Bye Bye)
Now its my time to show you that you let a good thang slip away
It's Too Late
Too Late (It's Too Late) Bye Bye

Now that I'm gone you can't seem to stay away from me
So funny, how the tables turnnin It's my
Love your yern
See I found someone who needs to love me
Like I need to be loved
So you could see consider you and me, a memory

There is no need for you to call my phone wondering if...
There's nothing for me to reconsider it
There was a time when I gave you all me love
But you didn't want it, so I'm giving it to someone who does

Umm, so I guess your too good for me now right?
Yeah, I guess you think you all that too right? So what am I suppose to do?

Now its my time to show you that you let a good thang
slip away. Don't come around here no more.
I don't want you at my door.
Nothing you can do or say.
Can make me come back your way.
You wrap your clothes,wrap your hands check your sorry
ass. Do you hear me boy? I don't want you, you had your chance

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