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Smart Ass Black Boy Lyrics

Fat Tony Smart Ass Black Boy

[Fat Tony]
Ah, yeah, nigga, it's that Smart Ass Black Boy shit, nigga
That Fat Tony, Tom Cruz shit, nigga
Jason Scott Henderson in this bitch, nigga
BETTER YET ANAVY, biiiiiitch
Paul! (Paul!)

All my girls wearing thongs, put your hands up
And if ya came with ya nigga, shut your man up
If you a stupid ass dude, put your hand down
And get the f..ck out the crowd like right now
Ladies, let's have a pow-wow
I'm a prince but I ain't Bow Wow (fuck 'em)
She heard my style and she said, "holy cow, wow"
"RABDARGAB ain't half bad, this nigga's wild"
Dropped Double Dragon now these bitches see we double swaggin'
I'm getting chose, pulling hoes like a old wagon
It's simple mathematics, I added magic, managed madness
Packaged an imaginative classic, I've had it
With living average, now my status
Is comparable to the honorable uncles and fathers before us who kept order
My guarantee is pythagorean
Square the last two shows, add 'em together and that equals this evening plus the per diem
I'm bustin' em like Buster Keaton, frequently after I meet 'em
I got a meeting tomorrow morning with the label
They said they're able to see that I'm the truth and not a fable
Got a call from my girl, says she's pre-natal
I hope I'm able to run a stable to feed my little angel
I've had my share of the good and bad
But, you know what? I'm glad (why?)
That I grew up a smart ass black boy
Look at that boy with the throwed
Denim jacket on with a song to record
I never studied rhyme, it's always just been my mode
And time after time, I just speak it from my mind
I'm… sorry, I'm just feeling this wine
And if you're feeling the spirit, fill up a cup and get with it
Because it is what it is, and it was what it was
And if you just do what you do then life just does what it does, what!

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