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With Hindsight Lyrics

Album Name : Circling the Wagons
Release Date : 2012-06-28
Song Duration : 3:17

Fall Of Mirra With Hindsight

I'm I'll from the fact that my soul has inched too far, I'd rather dream tonight than live today. Bitter, broken and cold, I'm drenched from this clinical rain but no, I'm not awake yet.

I sold my soul and renounced all prevailing hope for all the filth that I've condoned. Tear asunder the fabric of my viability, proceed to siphon this last breath.

I'm the wolf that will never follow the paths of my pack.I'm the wolf that will never follow the trails of my pack.

These lungs are above the surface but still the weight of the water oppresses me.Overwhelming is this sense of hopelessness, I find myself in circles again.Sad to say I f..cking procrastinate, Overwhelming is the sense of nonchalance, I find myself travelling in circles again. Well I've tried so f..cking hard to let go of all the things I've loved.

To let go of all the the things I've cherished, I will never see the sun rise again, or set into the lovely horizon. F..ck reality and it's viciousness, I will never dream of anything like this.

I'm lost, I'm trapped on the other side.I'm never looking back at all the things that I have done. F..ck everything! F..ck trying to step into someone's shoes, I will never be a part of your cliches. F..ck trying to live up to such norms, I will never be a part of this apostleship.

Never again will I bow down so f..cking blindly.Never again will I be a sightless follower, I hate to say that we still haven't learnt from the past but all we could do is look back and laugh.

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