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Kodama Lyrics

Faith & The Muse Kodama

Come all you mortals and gather round
To hear the tale of the Spiral Down
The ancient heart within us all
Forced to splinter into nothing at all
Come the Tall Tale Industry

There was Spirit and the Machine
The mechanical philistine
That demanded for order and perfection
Power over the great unseen
Come the Tall Tale Industry

The Spirit was made obsolete
When the machine hatched a heartless scheme
That understood she could be enslaved
To do just what she does so naturally
Under its authority

They turned her into a factory
Tradition ruled that she Ought To Be
The farce of law that she give her sons
One by one Unwillingly
Until she's done
To the Tall Tale Industry

You'll give your dreams up one by one
To the machine until you're gone
The horrors of etiquette, how to speak and think
Who to marry and what to eat
To the Tall Tale Industry

Come children,
To hear the warped generation
Should they realize they were forced to
Pass on such a twisted belief
Just because it's always been

Tradition, Laws and Lies
The prison of Civility
Tall Tale Industry

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