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Oil Spills Lyrics

Album Name : Kill Punk Rock Stars
Release Date : 2008-01-01
Song Duration : 2:49

Fad Oil Spills

If we don't fill up the car, we won't go very far
When they get sick of the shocks,
where do the kids go?
To college, work, or the military
I hear the mid-eat is real nice in February
Round up all the confused girls & boys
Make em' choose before they find their own voice
What else you gonna do but let your country make use of you?
Oil spills (Why can't you see?)
It also kills (Kills you & me!)
Corrupts the world (Corrupts the world!)
Provokes the war
F..ck the rent, upon our dreams it will be spent
we've got one shot, we don't intend to lose
Apparently we're businessmen
Forced to go against good friends
Advertise! Market wise!

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