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The Kids Are The Future Lyrics

Album Name : Collection (1982-1985)
Release Date : 2007-01-09
Song Duration : 2:55

Faction The Kids Are The Future
Let's teach them well let's teach them wise
Make sure we teach them not to lie
Tell them all that they need to know
Tell them now, and let's not be slow
Teach them truth and advertising
Because they're seldom hand in hand
Right now they're selling presidents
Let's make them understand that the kids
They are the future
Tell them picture tubes are our tools
Don't be taught logic don't be taught rules
Make sure they're never theirs, question them always don't question your fears
Teach them to write a letter, a cry
Hey joe president i don't wanna die
Tell them all that they'll need to know
Keep the ball rolling, c'mon let's go.

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