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Waiting Lyrics

Eric Benet Waiting

Oooh ......yeah yeah, ....... baby

Now ever since the day I saw you
There was one thing that I knew for sure
That was you was gonna be my lady
When I didn't know, yeah yeah
Now you was on the arm of someone
Annoyingly it wasn't me
I knew I'd have to pick my battles
To gain my victory, oooh yeah

That's why I, I've waited for so long
I've waited waited girl, just hoping you would see
Oooh that one something you searched for
That something was me
That something you searched for was me

It's funny how I came to love you
Before I even knew your name
Yeah, it's funny how that dude neglects you
While I got this flame, ooh this burning flame
Now can't nobody see the future
I sure can't see my future without you
There's so much love I just can't wait to show you
I'm just waiting on you, ooh waiting baby

I've waited for so long, I waited waited, kept praying to see
That one someone you search for, was someone like me
Oh let it be me, girl
I've waited for so long I've waited, waited girl
Just hoping you'd see
That one something you'd searched for
That something was me
Oooh, I've been waiting

I got a house that's straight outta the magazine
Only thing that's missing for me the queen
I got a pile of records you make em spin
So just pack your shit girl, and move on in

I've waited for so long, I've waited, waited baby
Kept praying you'd see, you got me praying girl
That someone you searched for, was someone like me
Can't it be, can't it be me

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