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35 Miles Part II Lyrics

Album Name : 35 Miles
Release Date : 2008-01-18
Song Duration : 4:23

Ellis Uniques 35 Miles Part II

My life is speeding fast in turbo drive, sign says drive slow at only 35
License plate spells drive slow, at only 35
Engine lights flash on when things turn sour
Looking for any reason to gain more power
But without money how the hell to reach higher
I'm turning the corner and switching my lanes
Window down just to clear my brain
Friends don't wanna call, the train stops here
Outta the drivers seat, I'm headed for the rear

You ever had someone where it seems like they hatin on you
Everytime you come around they mean mug you
You look em in the eye
Now they wanna lie, and then they wanna spy
On everything you do
Watch what you say or do
Keep your eyes open dude, you never know who got their eyes on you
And zoning you, and out to smoke you and buggin you
It ain't cool, the game changed they playin with new rules

Thirty five on the freeway
On the run, On the run (REPEAT)

Now I ain't got no diamond rings
And all those things, Never grew up with caviar
Just rice and beans
At heart I'm just regular, Heartbeat's irregular
Remain the same but ain't a damn thing changed

I never ig my friends, taking my time forgettin them
Going 35 and frettin tem
Open my heart, but they don't let me in
Been having a change of my heart, it's evident
They depart me and left so suddenly
That traffic laden highway turned out to be a just a one way street
But In reality this ain't no beef
I'm blowin off steam so let me speak



V. 3
I gotta speak my mind about a couple of topics
Nod ur head to the rhythm so I know that you got it
Flip your lies all around, until you know what's true
And if your feelings get hurt, you know I'm talkin to you

U ain't about your business big boy, U ain't out hear makin no noise
U ain't out here making no contacts; u is not legit with no contracts
Contractually, Matter of factually, I won't oblige proactively starting beef
But you know who you are, u WIMP: u sub par
No PIMP: with no scars, No DRIVER: with no car
No MOVIE: with no stars, No PASSION to get far
So back up chump, I'll get back with you tomorrow


Yo tengo mi dinero en mi mente,
Pero el dinero no es mio
Saque la ferria de la guantera
Estoy en mi propio tiempo esta vaz (Repeat)

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