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Move Along Home Lyrics

Album Name : Shine
Release Date : 2014-01-21
Song Duration : 4:39

Edenbridge Move Along Home
In this illusive game
Latent worlds are waiting just for you
So won't you join?
Don't ponder over things that might be new

It's stronger than a vivid dream
It is the venture you esteem
The art of make-believe
When holding life in your own hand
And there is no way to withstand
Unravel what deceives

So where are you now?
When there ain't no key
To doors so unknown in this reality
Your aim out of sight
What's wrong and what's right
Is this never-ending?
(way out)
Way out of, we move along home
(way out)
Way out of, we move along home

It's do or die
Does someone play with loaded dice in here?
One withering glance
Can lure into the trap that's lurking near

Beware of getting tripped up blind
And strange encounters of third kind
A galanty show
It was a close shave overall
So make a graceful exit's fall
Back to reality



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