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Cease To Exist Lyrics

Album Name : Gomorrah's Season Ends
Release Date : 2011-10-01
Song Duration : 3:54

Earth Crisis Cease To Exist
Doomsday befalls. Awakened by sirens, the fifteen
minute warning. ICBMs scream from their silos into
the sky. Warheads detonate over their targets.
Nuclear blasts incinirate city after city. Swept
away by the shock of the explosions humankind dies
in agony. Ash blocks the sun from penetrating the
choked atmosphere. The global temperature drops
into nuclear winter. Below, radiation poisoned
air, soil and water is all that's to be found. By
what is left of who is left fires burn from the
haze of a darkened world. Charred skins hangs from
the bones of survivors as they struggle trhough
leveled rubble. Past-gutted buildings and unburied
bodies. Hell rages on the face of the earth. All
creation lays at the mercy of madmen whose
commands will cast us into world war three. If the
keys turn from the press of a switch all life as
we know it shall cease to exist. Cease to exist.
Cease to exist. Cease to exist. Cease to exist.

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