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Armitage Shanks Lyrics

Earl Stout Armitage Shanks
*Armitage Shanks, it's a type of sink
Don't eat foreign meat, 'specially if it's pink
A nast bug in your stomach will grow
And make your band miss it's first show
Castle Blarney, County Cork
Might've been the chicken but ti wasn't pork
A cozy little joint by the name of Mac's Pub
Me and John and Adam stopped in for some grub
Spent the night in Dublin, spirits were high
Ordered chicken curry, no reason why
The next afternoon, oh how I had to shit
Something from the Emerald Isle threw me in a fit
Admitted to the Hospital
I had blood in my stool
I was looking pretty bad, but I kept my cool
My mom, she flew in from the states
My dad was worrying sick
But I had no girlfriend to even give a shit

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