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Mockingbird Franklin Lyrics

Album Name : A Man Called (E)
Release Date : 1992-02-04
Song Duration : 3:05

E Mockingbird Franklin

she's never known acceptance
      she's never know the word
      she says i like to call myself m
      but my real name is mockingbird
      mockingbird franklin
      so how do you do
      mockingbird franklin
      i'm a lot like you
      she says her mother is gone now
      she says her mother got killed
      i said i'm sorry but is it true
      did she really name you mockingbird
      mockingbird franklin
      broke your heart in two
      mockingbird franklin
      i'm a lot like you
      mockingbird don't you change
      just because you're not like them
      oh mockingbird you're not the same
      alone along the sidewalk
      her steps are barely heard
      it's kinda funny that it's her name
      'cus she's nothing like a mockingbird
      nothing like a mockingbird
      mockingbird franklin
      don't it get to you
      mockingbird franklin
      i'm a lot like you
      i'm a lot like you
      (it's true)

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