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Slummin' Lyrics

Album Name : The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 1,2, and 3
Release Date : 2012-03-23
Song Duration : 2:54

E-40 Slummin'
We out here grittin 'bout Cooter
It's like a holiday
Standing out on the steps
Where my momma stay
Walkin right up to the cars
Keep it comin (keep it comin)
We out here slummin (We out here slummin!)

[Verse 2]:
Trappin and checkin my traps (traps) collecting and counting my racks (racks)
Settin and shooting craps (craps) toting and packin gats (gats)
Boss status (boss status) smokin cabbage (smokin cabbage)
Living lavish (living lavish) extra mannish (extra mannish)
Profit flippin (profit flippin) flippin profit (flippin profit)
Louis sippin (Louis sippin) Hu$tleholic$!

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