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Outta Town Lyrics

Album Name : The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 1,2, And 3
Release Date : 2012-03-23
Song Duration : 5:00

E-40 Outta Town
Birds on the highway flying in the rental
The pills look like skittles
And the OG's just as strong as can be
Let's take a trip outta town
I gotta double my money
My connect is waiting on me
Being broke ain't nothing funny
Let's take a trip outta town
Box it up and wrap it
Then let's get in traffic
I can fedex you a package
Let's take a trip outta town

Pardon me... but would you happen to have any gray poupon
Fuck naw bitch we out here clippin' coupons (coupons)
Welfare recipients fixed income (income)
EBT cards PG&E none
After sitting in the dark for a week no lights for a week
Made up my mind I'm a do what I gotta to do as a man and get on the grind
I rap and I rhyme but so far that ain't made me a dime
I'm sick of my mama flippin' pattys working at Maggies commin' home cryin
On the weekend workin part time stressin' and prayin'
It's goin be alright mommy I put that on me
I'm a start sellin tree cause it's less risky
Went and got a cannabis card so the popo can't frisk me
Goin hard on the yard rollin my sleeve gettin down and dirty
Amtrackin it outta state and city to city
Greyhound bussin it seal it and tuck it in my booty
Got pills, windshield and elbows of broccoli

Pisces got the prices dope be da nicest
Niggas cop cakes and cut them into slices
Then we get vices feds and the task force
I can teach you how to get it, crash course
And when it's slow you gotta move around
Find a nigga outta town say he gettin down
Put em on the ground see you in about a week
The only way to eat keep your money in the streets (ya)
South niggas put they border up
Arizona Mex f..ck tha border up
They even get across if they sorta tuff
You gotta know who to trust that's important stuff
California grown what you knowin good
And they be blowin that up in the back wood
And they be coppin that if the scratch good
All you gotta do is just give it to the neighborhood

I give it too ya
I got tha tracking number tear the paper up when it lands
Quick notha hunned in tha rubba band it's never enough
Just feedin 5 (5) on the wake up touch wherever you desire
Them niggas pack was quiet I came with all loud
Mama didn't know how tha money came she was proud
I open doors in a small town avoid snitches
Bounce back like trampolines when work missing (GET IT BACK!)
Is you lookin for a way in or way out
Credit good real niggas never see the drought
Shot the game to my lil nigga cause he tha driver
Minivan got 10 cakes on each tire
We take that highway up town with light traffic
No smokin speed limit we so active
Have my bread straight big faces facing up
Let this rental car trail me with hammers tucked

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