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In The Ghetto Lyrics

Album Name : The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 1,2, And 3
Release Date : 2012-03-23
Song Duration : 5:43

E-40 In The Ghetto
(E40) GHE TTO pissed stained mattress on the floor
sub stations and liquor stores get out a pocket get
peeled a roll every f..ckin day theres a funeral a kid
will shoot you and tag your toe no a/c just windows
and fans section 8 with programs juvenile hall youth
authority task force housing authority hoodies beenie
caps and p coats niggas will scratch to sell dope soul
food spots barber shops old school chevys big blocks
luxury scrapers dreadlocks and tapers bald heads french
braids and perms the koolaid man with dvd burns quality
shit no returns gift cards green dot cards money grams
walmarts wire taps fbis wide splats all type of lies
down to beverly hills housewives im lookin for a handout
tryin to find a way out lookin for a money route tryin
to get some pay out beef like a steakhouse specially
with my k out suckas better stay out for they get laid out

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