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Gunz Lyrics

Album Name : Revenue Retrievin': Overtime Shift & Graveyard Shift (The 44 Trax Deluxe Pack)
Release Date : 2011-03-29
Song Duration : 3:37

E-40 Gunz
What you think you gonna do with that gun?
I'm a gonna get'chu with it
You give me that gun before you hurt somebody with it

Gunz [x8]

Fuck me (fuck me?) f..ck you (fuck you)
I'm throwing up my midda, I hit'cha up with my air pistol
They can't be pellers the way that the car was writtled
Turned his bones into griss so I made his whip into scrap metal
Billings boomerang, ricochet echo (echo)
But he had Geico insurance, gecko (gecko)
SK's, AK's, AR's and Macs (Macs)
Thumpers (thumpers) hammers (hammers) pistols (pistols) gats (gats)
Uhh! (uhh) a gun can protect you ('tect you)
But it can also be the death of you (be the death of you)
Gotta know what to do
Accidently shot himself and his homeboy too (where at?)
Turned his brain into goo (goo)
Best friend now his family wanna sue (wanna sue)
What kinda of roller was it? A 22 (a 22)
He had one in the chamber he never knew (he never knew)

Gunz [x8]

Air 15's (air 15's), mini 14's (mini 14's)
MP5's (mP5's) M16's (M16's)
I'm a bully with fully bully with fully) like Mess & Juice (Mess & Juice)
Still up in the stove with my bulletproof
Apron (apron) baking (baking) five hundred bucks an hour
Bringing home the bacon (bacon) me and my towel a power
Top shelf not recon or flower (what?)
But nickel rob mosquito, white lobster (white lobster)
Winchester (Winchester) smiting west put them AK 47 (47)
A teach yo ass a lesson
Machine gun (machine gun) or a rifle (a rifle)
Some people favorite rep (is what) is the bible (the bible)
You can lose your life over pennies (pennies) automatics, semis (semis)
Hit'chu up outta bounds coming out of Burger King or Wendy's
The post'll never leave the crib without yo gun
Bust round dope 'round
[People screaming as fake shots fired]

Gunz [x8]

Fresh out the box (out the box) brand new chops (brand new chops)
With the cleaning kit (cleaning kit) never been shot (never been shot)
Try'na pull a lick (pull a lick) but he got popped (he got popped)
Shot him in his dick (in his dick) and they called the cops (called the cops)
Even Suburban people got guns
WHY? For home invasions
223's (223's) it's real Oz's (real Oz's)
Colt 45's (45's) 9 millimees (millimees)
12 gauge (12 gauge) sartor pump (sartor pump)
Gotta be a renegade (renegade) when it come to funk
Some people got a switch blade (switch blade) if they ain't gotta gun
I rather knuckle up and fade (up and fade) cause I ain't a punk
I been hustling since 11th grade (11th grade) and now I'm done
My mission is to get paid (get paid) and buy what I want
Communion jack of all trades (all trades) right now I'm hella drunk
Been drinking, perking all day (all day) bout to smoke this blunt (smoke this blunt)

Gunz [x8]

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