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Gotta Get Betta (feat. Mike Marshall & Suga T) Lyrics

Album Name : Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift & Night Shift (The 42 Trax Deluxe Pack)
Release Date : 2010-03-30
Song Duration : 5:04

E-40 Gotta Get Betta (feat. Mike Marshall & Suga T)

Ugh. Verse1:
Pocket full of lint a bucket wit a dent
Bill collector callin all day barely payin the rent
Eviction notice on the door landlord actin just like an anus
On the phone wit PGA and tryna make payment arragements
Glucose high higher than its ever been
Cold part about it can't afford my medicine
Gotta new president hope fully he's Heaven sent
A young black man highly educated intelligent
I was raised in the hood so what the f***
But we would do anything to make a buck
I got the potential
But I got the credentials
They say that it's simple
They say it's all in my mental
My granmama just passed and Im just leavin her funeral
The martition did a hell of a job she look beautiful
Shortly after that about a month and a half long
The good Lord called for my grandaddy to come home
I go hard at day
But I can't sleep at night
I got money on my mind
Right now everythings tight
Its Gotta Get Betta
Gotta Get Betta out here cuz it can't get no worse
Its Gotta Get Betta

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