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Earl That's Yo' Life Lyrics

Album Name : Charlie Hustle: Blueprint of a Self-Made Millionaire
Release Date : 2008-05-19
Song Duration : 5:23

E-40 Earl That's Yo' Life
[Too $hort]
Earl. whassup mayne?
It's yo' potnah Short Dawg
You know we come a long way baby
+From the Ground Up+
Oh they love the way us players ball
No doubt, that's how we do this
It's all about you mayne
It's yo' life, let 'em know somethin

I come from where they pop they collars
and couldn't be saved by (?)
Cause I'll probably never ever see the pearly gates
At the rate I'm goin now, it'll be too late
Take life taste it, get on and smell it
You know what Charlie is? Well it's sucker repellant
I spray myself with it every morning, you dig?
I spray myself right before I leave the crib
Hot ones echo through the ghetto, bullets ricochet
I'm bendin corners in my Cadillac Escalade
It's summertime and I'm scorchin, f..ck a bulletproof
I'm hella keyed and I'm perkin off that num-num juice
I'm in the traffic with my music on STORM
Got a ticket just for blowin my, HORN (ba-baaa, ba-ba-ba-baa-baaaa)
The real, pinkie ring, princess cut
Carats on, around my neck
Lookin like some clones, be at yo' best
We don't play checkers no more, we play chess
One trey tri trey double (?)
H-I-double-L sideshow
All about my fetti-oh
One-time want to see me fold
It's ob-vious I'm humungous
Acres cars and businesses
All about my fetti-oh
Bank account got to be tall
Diamonds on my wrists and shit
Tycoon stickin to the script, BEOTCH!

Chorus: {sung}

Earl, that's yo' life
Ooohhhhh Earl, that's yo' life
Earl, that's yo' life
Ooohhhhh Earl, that's yo' liii-iiii-iiii-iiii-iife

Straight up out the game
The realest nigga you done talked to all day
It's the dry season, outsmart the po'-po's
Cookin birdies in the kitchen, with C-Bo
From livin nappy, e'rybody know me
Used to sell taffy, white girl nasal candy
Hoes'll dress tacky, just so I can bank they dome
Bank 'em make them think I'm broke,
use the dope game as a steppin stone
(?) (?) next steal walkie talkies
I'm the one that really-natin them faulty chips
I got the gift of gab, I'm off the choo choo track
I want the fetti, f..ck the fame, y'all can HAVE THAT
One-time want to see me fold
It's ob-vious I'm humungous

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