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Self Explanitory Lyrics

Doseone Self Explanitory

[Verse 1]
Hush child, don't make me affix hatred
Your coordinates into my lingual matrix
And shape this microphone into a dominatrix
Whipping you shameless
Emcees be all tongue and anus
Needless to say, brainless
So take a deep breath and think gracious
Before I scar all your faces
Leavin' that flavored ass tasteless
Still, you boast about cheese lost in the rap races
Fabricatin' first places, champ?
You can't even tie them shoe laces
Rookie, get back to basics
Take ten nostalgic paces
Bow your head and get wasted
As the mere echo of my phrases
Replaces what used to be your mental mazes
Then again, the proceeding statement raises
Much room for debate
Since your labyrinth was a cubical with an open door
In terms of this metaphor
Of course, you poor fallen meteor
Off course, intended to plummet evermore
Throughout the cosmos
Except your path brought you dangerously close
To the burnin' master pro they call Dose
Representin' the shores of my conception- coast
Ahhh...squire, to your ignorance we toast
And drink away such pain
My bad, was that your jugular vain?
It's funny, awww, blood stain
You're quite tame
Eyes have lost that pretty flame
Pretty shame and remorse make my palms sweat and voice slightly hoarse
But it's all in sport, or was it the mind?
That there was an introduction to a battle rhyme

[Verse 2]
Come on and let's get down the logistics
As I lay law from the iller district
Leavin' the cock strong dickless
Beings exotically twisted
Like Mayan tapestry-cryptic mic mastery is depicted
As I get down right statistic, humbling the gifted
Emcees can't even get down
Talkin' about “I get lifted”
Then why ain't you elevatin'
I guess all that masturbation has got you grippin' the mic tight awaitin' some form of sterile sonic ejaculation
Pitiful exhibitionist
I pity you over impotence and relative insignificance
Reminisce in other...
Peace officer
Deceased coffin saw
Other ceremony your master
You should've been a pastor
You can still live a lie
And only greet truth when you die
But you're just high
Well I am surrounded by chickens and snakes in a pigsty
Still, jokers like you wanna battle the white guy
Can't you see soul burnin' in my eye?
For in that eye your prime sacrifice material
Lost in hope of a miracle
But rap most cope with bacterial infections such as thou
Watch where you point that scowl
Were you born the ugly child?
See, I was born phonetically restless
Already able to kinetically impress this silhouette into your breast with spontaneous focus conception
Burnin' flesh with my tempered inflection
Properly certified for stage cross sections
Splittin' all around me, wide open
Leavin' carbon monoxide in the air smokin'
Put it this way- if it breathes it's f..ckin' chokin'
On the words I set in motion
Sky splits and thunderclaps
The One has spoken
I battle gods at The Vatican, Parthenon, or Hoboken
Still, your slogan is
"Nah man, I'm not about that Thought Provokin'"
Yes it's true, you're just broken-backed
Harder than English
But this man slaughtered the fiendish
Since the infinite deemed this dark apostle seamless
Among the tattered and dreamless masses of demons
So pray he come like semen
And get lost in my abstract womb
Extracting whom you be through those actions
As you fall to the will of my faction
Thanks, it's been fun practicin'
I'm done taxin'

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