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Pimp Life Lyrics

Album Name : Love Us or Hate Us
Release Date : 2013-08-15
Song Duration : 4:10

Dirty Pimp Life

Pimp life - is the only life I know(only life I know)
Pimp life - don't screw up, don't choose any foes(never choosin' foes)
Pimp life - keep it gangsta with my hoes(gangsta with my hoes)
Pimp life - that's the life I chose(that's the life I chose)

[Verse 1: Mr. G-stacka]
Catchin' nuts on your tongue from him, pullin' out your guns for him
What is it 'bout Gangsta, that got you sprung from him
Then turn right around and spend all your funds on him
Just spoilin' him, and spoilin' him, it's only two days you been knowin' him
I guess this goes to show the wimps, this boy's here born to pimp - forever
I hit the streets stuffed in the Coupe Deville with plushed out leather
With four of my baddest hoes, who knows to bring Da Gangsta chetter
No matter morning, noon, or night or any type of weather
They claim they love me, wouldn't treat no other nigga better
But I don't sweat 'em, I just tell 'em, better yet just let 'em.
Do what they do, sooner or later they'll find out I ain't true
But still official, hell they call me Mr. Jizzle
Got two of the baddest strippers lickin' on eachother's nipples
It's so simple - they just need motivation, now it's masturbation
Don't need persuasion, just kick some conversation
And dick suck-u-lick-tacious, I'm facing... on every occasion
And strip 'em naked, and make them bitches take it
'Cause I'm straight pimpin'


[Verse 2: Big Pimp](with help from Mr. G)
I leave the club about three-thirty(*yawn*), damn near yawnin'

Been here since twelve, and hell, still ain't found no bitch worth bonin'
"I finna roll", So I work my way to the front do' - I spot Michelle
She used to f..ck with this lil' dike bitch named Cocoa
But all I know though, she probably still lick that hoe low
A lot of these hoes tryin' to go pro, if you don't ask, you won't know
You still don't know her do you? [Mr. G] *Uh-uh*
She used to sell tapes for Jo Pro
[Mr G] *You ain't talkin' bout lil' short red Cocoa.
Yep, that's her fo' sho
Used f..ck with your homeboy BoBo*
I was obliged to have both of them hoes off in my ride
But more obliged to see Michelle head 'tween Cocoa thighs
It's in me, genetically, and it better be
And if you didn't know I... was a P-I, M-P
From all the pimp game my uncles tellin' me
Upcomin' pimps respectin' me, game ass bitch selectin' me
Can't be the lame trick you expectin' to be
I'm a pimp lil' bitch who you expect to see
With a fifth of Hennessey and some Ecstasy
In a candy pink 'Lac with the matchin' seats
Q-P stash with a dash of B
With two thick freaks sittin' next to me
Girl, you look to sweet tryin' to dazzle me
Legs cocked up in the passenger seat
Ha Ha, you plus me equal cheese
I'm a pimp, add it up mathematically
That's how it was, that's how it is, so I'm assumin' that's how it has to be
I'm a pimp


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