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122112 Lyrics

Album Name : Be the Change
Release Date : 2008-08-25
Song Duration : 4:32

Dionysos 122112

The wise manís not sold.
His answers too bold.
The weight that they hold.
Are worth more than gold.

You want to want
You need to need
You got greed to feed
Love to bleed, No more.
Oh Nommo!

Foolishness listen.
The life youíve been given.
Is all an illusion.
Maya is you then.

Poles say theyíre reversing.
The worst or the best dream.
Is heaven first hell?
Time will tell.

You want to want
You need to need
Got greed to feed
Love to bleed

these lyrics are from Dionysos (USA)
Copyright Dionysos 2008

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