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If You Want It Lyrics

Album Name : Reclaiming the Dead
Release Date : 2000-10-24
Song Duration : 4:16

Dice Raw If You Want It

[Chorus 2x]
Now do you want it?  (Hell yeah nigga, I want it)
And do you need it?  (Yeah, I need it, man)
Well, they got it (They got what?)
Everything, so let's take it (Take, take, let's take it)

[Verse 1]
Niggas can act like, act like they, they want it
Knowin' that they don't want jackshit, them niggas fronted
When it came down to stackin' mills and smackin' grills
Them patty-cake niggas thought that they needed to chill
When all the real nigga feels is a need to kill
Unrevealed, the catastrophic, we gotta stop it
They tryin' to kill us, so all my niggas better watch it
Tap water and Newports, yo man, that's that hot shit
Mixed with Hennessey and a blunt, it gets toxic
But f..ck it, pass the la, let's get high
I'm goin' in shootin', does any man wish to die?
This ain't metal gear, solid, you can't pause my killin'
I'm bustin', lick off them head for a schillin'
I can't be happy, 'cause what's happy?
I'm from a place where everyone's strapped and tryin' to clap me
Flesh and bone turn to stone, so if you want it, ask me


[Verse 2]
If you and I, me and you, we ever verse
Then I don't know yo, the shots might disperse
'Cause I got, got you on scope, kid, hundred yards away
Grassy Knoll raw dog might blow that ass away
Talk, talkin' that dumb shit, caps I'm peelin' it
This be a-ro-ro-rockin', all ya feelin' it
My gat, concealin' it, f..ck that, revealin' it
Let the young brothas know beef, then how to kill it
Or get your face slammed on a skillet and then you're sauteed
A new law's laid, it's the Raw Brigade
Or Raw Family Stone
Hammer and hip-hop goin' straight up to your dome
Keepin' your own words shinin' just like chrome, so what?
If y'all want something over here, then come get a piece
I'll damn sure cut y'all a slice
But ya might lose your life when ya gamble with Dice


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