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Past Signature Lyrics

Destiny Or Design Past Signature

Words can not describe
The things I wanna do to you
And yes, you should take that as a threar
Your love, it fuels the anger
Until I lose all my self control
With the things I've done
Can't seem to be the one to let this go

His bones they will crumble,
His skin I will melt
I'll make him feel worse than he's ever felt
As I turn to you with bloodshot eyes,
The liquor still on my breath,
I whisper...
Does this scare you?
Well baby if it does then it should
I'll make your heaven hell
That's what I'll put you through

Am I the bane of your existence
The person you tried to ignore
Or the person you always avoid?

And it will comfort you to know
That I won't let my jealousy show
Unless it's not what you want
Is that what you want?

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