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Wolf Mode Lyrics

Derrick Milano Wolf Mode

Yeah (Woo)
Half man, half motherfuckin' wolf (Ayy, grr)
You know how we comin' with it (Uh, yeah)
Listen, look (Uh)

I don't see none of these niggas, I feel like I'm Stevie (Ayy)
Don't need to rap, but this shit gettin' easy (Woo)
I'm droppin' mixtapes, I feel like I'm Weezy (Uh)
Ain't no competition, these f..ck niggas cheesy (Danny, I see you)
If you want drama then we keep a cannon (Uh)
If that's your bitch, why she sayin' I'm handsome? (That's cold)
Wait, I'ma pull off in a Phantom
Uh, these niggas mad, throwin' tantrums (Ayy)
When it comes to this rap shit, I kill it and smash it
I ain't talkin' bout sex but this shit gettin' nasty
Niggas look at my Instagram, they mad I'm flexin'
I got bars for these niggas, I feel like I'm Cassidy (Ayy)
Don't need no car 'cause in person I'm poppin' (Poppin')
All in my comments like, "When is you droppin'?" (Droppin')
Celebrate when I'm back in this bitch, got it rockin' (Rockin')
This that real music, ain't doin' TikTokin'
Uh, while they hearin' woes I'm hearin' these hoes (Hoes)
I post a picture, they set it, I'm goals (Goals)
Bought a new bust down, my wrist be on froze (Froze)
"Is he a writer?" I guess, I suppose (Ayy)
That means I got hits for all of these niggas (Yeah)
Play that back, but I'm richer than all of these niggas (Yeah)
Stand out myself, I don't talk to these niggas (Woah)
Mm, mm, mm
F..ck all these labels, they made me a monster (Grr)
I got my own money, don't need me no sponsor (Woo)
You put on a show for these ho like a concert (These hoes)
All these rappers be actin', give these niggas Oscars
I got hits, I got hooks, boy, I feel like a boxer (Boxer)
Bully mode, shovin' these kids in these lockers (Bet)
Cockin' shit, I'm killin' niggas, whole rosters (Let's go)
Google me, I'm writin' hits for they rosters (Ayy)
Love me my money, this shit gettin' ugly
Labels signin' these gimmicks, but they tryna judge me (Huh)
These A&R's all in my face like a custy (What?)
Fire that nigga, his ear a lil' rusty (Hah)
I got the game in a frenzy, they love me (Love me)
CEOs all in my phone 'cause they trust me
I ain't drop a song, yeah, like four year, but I'm buzzin' (Buzzin')
Tell all these motherfuckin' niggas I'm comin' (Ayy)

Wait, yeah, yeah
Y'all motherfuckers thought it was a motherfuckin' game
All y'all niggas like, "Oh, oh, oh, that nigga, he can just write for everybody"
Yeah, y'all niggas thought
Nigga, I pimp the pen

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