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Lou's Anxiety Song Lyrics

Album Name : Almost Complete
Release Date : 2007-01-08
Song Duration : 00:57

Deep Wound Lou's Anxiety Song

Things are all coming at me
They're not even real
I cannot grasp their existence
If they're things I cannot feel
I'm trapped in indecision
Hesitant to condemn
I'm not righteous
I can not be extreme
All of these ideas
Seem to have no value
I can't distinguish right from wrong
In a world I cannot view
There are no solutions
To the problems they present
If I take no positions
I'm someone they resent
Labeled as inactive
What the FUCK can I do
I'm not your savior
I'm only more confused
I have no desire
To perpetrate the greed
I won't change anything
To satisfy worthless need

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