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Poison Ivy (feat. Alley The Songstress) Lyrics

Dante Wolfe Poison Ivy (feat. Alley The Songstress)

[Verse 1: Danté Wolfe]
I used to fantasize we would go and do things
And now I understand you only really love the new things
But new me was something that withdrew peace
Now every time you (blank)
I treat you like a groupie
But that's just cause you knew me
But knew me and still didn't give a f..ck
Cash rules everything, guess some women double up
Every time you threw a shot at me
I just be overdosing, never getting over
Man that shit is over potent and you know it
Look what you do to me
I hope I kick this habit 'fore my eulogy
I want you just for self but I know you serve communities
They say time is money, I spend mine on you
But all you ever spend mine on is bags and shoes

[Hook: Alley The Songstress]
Come here baby
You know that you can't resist
What we have now is so damn good boy
Even though I'm poisonous
I know it feels good
Probably ain't good for you
So just sit back relax your mind
And let the venom flow

[Verse 2: Danté Wolfe]
Down in my heart always knew she wasn't the right one
But that shit she slung was so fun
It was one helluva run
Always easily addicted, never one to get sprung
That's a hard lesson learned, hope you only learn once
I was told once never trust a girl that drink Hennessy
I never trust a girl that trust my enemies
This ain't something that you pretend to be
Cold sweats through the night, stressing through the day
When she's away I fall flat on my face
Running in a race with no escape
My endings on its way, looking at my last taste
Staring death into its face
Man I hope and pray, god my blessings on they way?
Gimme another day so I can put my life in place

[Hook: Alley The Songstress]
I'm so addicted to you
But you get something if you want to
I'll be the death of you
That's what a bad girl supposed to do
Put ya pride aside
Sex, liquor, drugs all night
Don't leave me now, we're too far down
I love this pain

[Verse 3: Danté Wolfe]
We took a break, much needed rehab
Didn't kick my old habit, stop smoking that whack she that she had
Plus shorty 'cross the bridge got them fatter dimes, thicker lines
Plus she hold me down in the badder times
Lost ya golden goose and now ya broke living in strife
Forgot the golden rule: "The customers always right"
Turned my addiction into a mission and flipped it to a hustle
It's easy to make money off muthafuckas who love you
Currently the sun is shining, wind blowing past my rear view
Let hate no where near you and study what you're into
And watch them people who pretend too
A smile is not a friend dude, they always befriend you
Before they end you

[Outro: Alley The Songstress]
Poison, Poison, Poison
Poison Ivy

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