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Rainfalloween Mix Lyrics

Chris Travis Rainfalloween Mix

All my bitches stolen
You can't even approach me
Ridin' and I'm coastin'
F..ck nigga can't notice
Wrap em' up and fold em'

Ridin' in a ocean all you niggas bogus
Ten toes down, can't fold this
All the doors is open
Walking with my robe and
Smoking on my cone and
My bitches not going
Only f..ck me, oh yeah
You can't tell me nothing I can't tell you nothing too
Its just that you f..ck with me best believe I f..ck with u
Riding and I'm bumping UGK and DJ Screw
I just paid my homage, you should pay a day or two
I'm higher than Orion
Come and get high with me boo
Fell in love with money, multiplied it got me cool
Your bitch is astonished when she see how I come through
Pussy nigga don't want shit
You can't ever have me fool
Don't unload man I load it
Can not ever miss them too
Because I see through the fake shit
Bitches do not have a clue
My new car amazing
Told her come out with the truth
All my boys gon' make it, it's gon' come just be patient


[Outro fades to Track #2]


Old friend say I'm acting strange
Im like f..ck it, all my new one's tell me stay the same
Understand that I do this I'm never actin' fake
On these hits I make a movie, you can see the pain
High as f..ck walking in the rain
I can't tell if this is real or this Earth is a mistake
So I take my deals and I never contemplate
Bout some shit I can not deal with
The f..ck up out my face
Tell that nigga f..ck up out the way
Been a minute since I did it
But I let you have your pace
This is just some shit you can't escape
While these niggas actin' on when they sign themselves away

Money is the topic of today
All you niggas f..cking stupid if you not here getting paid

[Outro fades to Track #3]



Waiting for my turn now a nigga gonna shine
Pussy boy get out my face, you ain't making mines
Turnt up in my ride you can't even see inside
Nigga just be talking I dont even belive they lies
Killed the internet and I dont even need a project
Bitches lookin' at me I can't even shop at Target
Boy you rockin' fossils
F..ck up out the walk-thru
I'm not riding in no carpool bitch I'm pulling up in that new school
Nigga what to do though
Tatted like a cholo
I don't need no promo
Pussy boy f..ck taking photos
I got plenty dough though but I'm gon' need more more
Nigga run up on me he gon' need a ER pronto
F..ck her till she sober
I'm a f..cking cobra
Sorry baby girl that you came over
Yes I run through em'
You can pick and choose em
Already had em'
You can go and grab em'

[Verse fades to Track #4]

I'm a prick pussy boy you ain't shit
Why you 'round the world hating
I'm just posted making hits
Told my bitch dress down it's gon' be a cold night
If you ever run on me you gon' lose your life
Nigga think he on cause he sell a little coke
Nigga get your five grams ass on, broke
Ninety-eight degrees but I still wear a coat
I was getting rich you was looking at me broke
Had to level up, can't nobody hold me back
Think you gon' get over but you just gon' backtrack
Flip a bitch over like I'm playing Flapjack
Attention wanting niggas get your ass clapped at
If you ain't start with me then I can't be your bro
I'd rather get money then go lay up with a hoe
You niggas sit around thinking this shit is a joke
You gotta maintain, you can't fall out and go broke
F..ck the rap game, crack game, same thing
These niggas lying and they faker than they chains
Bitch made boy, I'm insane in the brain
Tried to get me help and I never will attain
Bought a new stick I can't wait to let it off
Claiming that you working but you just tweet and talk
F..ck these groupie hoes, I don't even want to f..ck
Young paid black man I don't even wanna be touched
Get away from me if you don't chase the bags
If I get it by myself then you niggas gon' be mad
I smoke hella weed cause this world make me mad
Ball up my emotions and I'm sick within the ash
Diamonds in my mothafucking mouth
Ignant young man from the south
Make that ass bounce, make it clap
Yeah your favorite rapper could be my scout
Why you chasing hoes and some clout?
Better find yourself and get what you about

Shake junt, shake junt
Make some, break some
Big rubber bands
All these ones bout to save her
Pull up and I'm pulling off
Aye see you later
Might won't see me cause I'm off the equator

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