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Crazy Lyrics

Chris Travis Crazy

I walk in the rain, but I can't feel the rain
I've been kicking back, I'm just playing the game
My energy really not one to be tamed
I'm mentally faster then most human brains
My niggas, my niggas, we all are the same
We really just anti, but stay in our lane
I don't say no names, cause name dropping's lame
I see you, I see you, but not in my way

[Verse 1]
Bitch, I get money, so f..ck what they say
If you ain't with my team, better stay out the way
Hit me up shawty, she know where I stay
Wanna f..ck through the night
And smoke up through the day
I don't need placements, I want them green fa ces
So f..ck all the faces, I wanna see naked
Bitches on bitches and f..ck conversatin'
They askin' what's wrong, "Is he really that crazy?"
Bitch I am crazy, my flow is outrageous
Put me on your show, ain't no sense in you playing
Nigga quit playing, my shit is too banging
I'm walking in normal, I walk out, now I'm famous
The game I'm holding is locked in my hands
Cause your bitch tapping out, you can call me Kurt Angle
Slow mo like Neo
Your bitch working, no freeload
You niggas ain't shit but Pablo De Neo

[Verse 2]
I hit Miami and spent us some C-notes
Then went out to Denver and bought out the weed store
Came into Cali just straight from my video
F..ck rapping the plug, I don't speak in that lingo
The devil be plotting but I'm plotting bigger
I don't need advice, I just need compositions
My goal is to hang full of cash drippin' tissues
Free niggas, sneak dissin', f..ck talking illegal
Life gettin' bigger, the picture get different
These bitches be wishing that they could come visit
But I'm getting busy
(Getting so busy)
Say that she miss me
Bitch, you don't miss me

[Verse 3]
Bitch, I get fed up
You want me broke, better get on my level
My jeans are not creased I'm ripping that skeleton
[?] I tell 'em
I'm comin' from Memphis, that what I'll tell you
Smoking these herbs, I need to go back to my show
Can't see nobody, I'm rapping my tempo
Don't bother me bitch, cause I'm f..cking mental
I don't take xans, f..ck a bitch, don't remember
Wake up the next week, now she gone out my mental
Say that she bricked cause my lyrics are liquor
I water the beat then I take the bitch swimming
F..ck a damn card cause I'm spending no limit
My boys get away cause my sound is so simple

[Verse 4]
Gave her the dick and my money like Meek and your shit is like bitches
Trench coat with witches, nothing but just bitches
Dawg, send me your shit, I can't ever f..ck wit it
Nigga let's get it
Walking around, bitch I'm Diddy
Beating the floor like I'm out in the kitchen
But I'm just fiendin', I'm a great white
Nigga, you food, some 'bout it, 'bout it, chasing the Bentley
I'm Tom chasin' Jerry around in your kitchen
Bitch, [?]
Really just full of these niggas that think that they winnin'
Causing an earthquakes I'm jumping like buildings
Sparking the issue, comin' to get you
It's a f..cking dismissal

[Verse 5]
Tell your people come get you
Try to keep this shit as civil
Niggas ain't really gon' feel you
Bitch, I get money
Don't hang out with [?]
Don't f..ck with no niggas
And don't f..ck with trouble
But trouble be comin'
I keep this shit hunnid
Y'all know why they hatin'
But can't keep shit from it
And bitch, I be gone

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