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To Live And Die In Ad Lyrics

Choicevaughan To Live And Die In Ad

I'm still ad
I'm still ad
I'm still ad
I'm still ad
Never forget it

[Tom Scott]
Yeah, I flapped my wings and I flew back home
To grow my seed in the dirt I sow
Push my son down Avondale Road
.. Playing in the park where I first got stoned
Make a boy feel old, make a man feel whole
Take a left down ... Where I left my soul
Just some small fish in a little bowl
But I don't really care this is my shit, I know

I know I'm probably never gonna get out
Gotta get out of it just to get down
Small town but there really ain't much else to do
But get drunk, get high, get gout
Step out the bouncer and then get bounced
Bounce to the carpark back on the outs
Crash out, wake up, ... In the wild
Sitting in the sail in the city of the sails, Avondale

[Tom Scott]
And I ain't tryna say I'm proud of the narrative
I'm just sayin' I'm proud of my heritage
Talk to the shop owner like a therapist
Talk to the cab driver like a lyricist
Islanders, Indians, Nigerians
Muslims, Rastas, Presbyterians
Blue eyed, red nose, pit bull terriers
Everywhere you look around here, see characters

United can't be divided
With a calculator, I can't deny
I'm a talk to but I'm old school straights rider(?)
Had a telephone wire for the free Street Fighter
Was a young joy rider with a old school
Driving round on a ... Like a wild Rottweiler
Got a ... For a flame and I'm about to set fire
To the Hollywood Cinema, gentrifer(?)

[Tom Scott]
Flash back to the days, bare feet in the street in the rain
To my mom yelling from the driveway
“Come home”, then “last try wins, that's game”

These days now everything's changed
To many goddamn cafes
Gotta take it back to Green Jade these days
Get a plate full of chicken chow mein

[Tom Scott]
And I see innocent running from the cops
I see guilty running for the mayor
I see god living underneath the stairs of the liquor store
Tryna get a dollar for a meal
See a man get ... Like a millionaire
Had once ...

[Tom Scott]
Good people, fresh all the clean air
I don't need no heaven, I'm already here

To live and die in Avondale

I'm still ad
I'm still ad
I'm still ad
I'm still ad

I missed the memories growing up as a kid
No responsibilities for the shit that I did
Used to have it all when I didn't have shit
Now I look back and realise that I did
Used to have a dream of making it in nbl
Used to play volley, and ball in ...
Used to get stopped by the toc, now the toc tryna see me now

[Tom Scott]
Look, I still remember getting bullied in the hall
I still remember when they put me on the floor
Now they wanna hit me ... Door

Too talatala means too much talk

Two dollar holler for the bbq pork
Parked up at the racecourse on the sauce

[Tom Scott]
Saturday all night horsed on the porch

Sunday morn ... For the Lord
And a whole paycheck goes straight to the plate
Fried pancake goes straight to the face

Bacon and egg pie, banana cake

While I'm baked and the bakery on dole day
With the steak and cheese

Corned beef
Coconut cream with the taro leaves

I might have left but I'll never leave
After death, ad

It's a new day but

Same me

Shit mighta change but

Can't change me

Still here... That made me

And I still ain't paid the Blue Night late fee
I'm Avondale down to the core
Just ask ... I used to ... At the complex
Fresh out the ... On the horse
Now I hit the court
Playing gave my all so the prosepects
I don't want to glorify the violence

I gotta dream to unite the islands

I just want to hit the song on the sirens

You wanna f..ck with Avondale's finest

We put this shit on the map

You wanna hate on it, you wanna crack(?)

I put the whole neighbourhood on my back

You wanna find me, you know where I'm at
And I'll be in the hood running round the block
And I'll be in the... Running on ...
Running out of luck while I'm running up a tap
At the tap house, still waters run deep

I don't wanna run the world, I just wanna run free
Like a made man in the neighbourhood that made me

Yeah, good people, fresh ... On weed
I don't need no heaven
To live and die in ad

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