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Look Like (feat. JMC, Jadakiss & Stormzy) Lyrics

Charlie Sloth Look Like (feat. JMC, Jadakiss & Stormzy)

[Verse 1: Jadakiss]
This is what it looks like from inside out
When it's time to go to war and your men ride out
Then the money start coming in, you can't hide out
So you switch and get on the ready to die route
The hole you dug for yourself is getting deeper
Them hoes you love is just making a thug weaker
You seed now, you don't get the buzz off the reefer
It was only the fuzz, now you running from the reaper
Death toll rises, sleep without closing your eyelids
Still reppin' both sides in Hackney
East London get live in
Until Speedy come home, we grindin'
Went from one horse to another, we shinin'
Ha, it was all good timin'
Yeah, but we still living the crooks life
JMC, Jadakiss, this what it looks like

What it look like, money what it look like
What it look like, honey what it look like
What it look like, cuh what it look
What it look like, yuh what it look like
What it look like, money what it look like
What it look like, honey what it look like
What it look like, they wonder what it look like
What it look like, what it look like

[Verse 2: JMC]
It look like more gold around my neck than a Versace shirt
I've got that chick doing that Rihanna twerk
Brothers hate me and my brothers
Cause the chicks they love, love me and my brothers
Couple Nickis, menaging under covers
Couple cameras, no Big Brothers
A couple niggas really see my grind
So they won't begrudge me in a DB9
Forget the limelight, all I do is grind right
Cause I already done seen too many nine nights
The industry nearly tried to blackball
Cause my sound underground like black wool
[?] lit up like Keano's
The food on the menu is kilos
In the kitchen, trying to cook a blizzard
Trainers DNA of a Lizard


[Verse 3: Jadakiss & JMC]
Y'all already know we getting them stacks
In the UK all we doing is bridging the gaps
So I'ma fly you over
So we can talk business on the white cliffs of Dover
In a black Range Rover
Customs will search you, they try to hurt you
We got a lot of pill and I ain't talking 'bout the purple
I'm on the Isle of White, sittin' on a Iisle of white
JMC and Jadakiss is what it's lookin' like


[Verse 4: Stormzy]
Started from the bottom and I'm still here
Know we started picking cotton, shit is real here
Hit the target when I spot 'em, I go hard, have you forgotten?
I walk over to the problem, "what's the deal here?"
Niggas f..ckin' kill it, told 'em it's the come up
Started off by doing robberies and run ups
All that talking's gonna make him lift his gun up
Now all that talking went and got your bredrin bun up
0 to 100, zero on the budget
It don't cost a thing to make your baby mother plug it
Niggas hate my lyrics but their baby mothers love it
You just bring her down, I come around and give her courage
You just bad her up, I come around and give her rounds
Niggas standin' up, I come around, they're sitting down
Yeah I've had enough, add it up I figured out
You didn't listen to me then, bet they listen to me now


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