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Grim Luxuria Lyrics

Cathedral Grim Luxuria

Cold sin and fire, burning wrath and anger, this crippled splendour of lust so dire yeah !
Insane visions of beauty, groanings so empty, wriggling in agony, the frail corpse of love
that¹s me.  Hair and eyes limbs and faces, bending hard in fierce embraces.  Ooh this
loveless rage, come give me pain - arcane exotica, ooh grim luxuria.
Chorus :
Twisted lust on fire, love the bastard liar.  Sick grins of pleasure, warped torsos in heaven,
bending tongues - saliva, licking lifeforms of grotesque.  On the floor bones cracking, like
evil dogs mauling, grunting in this ecstasy - shaking screaming crawling me ! Pleading
eyes mangled faces, torn apart, in growling places.  Ooh this seething cage, white light in
vain, arcana exotica - grim exotica.
Twisted lust on fire, love the bastard liar.  Ooh sweet sanctity, - hell is pouring over me.

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