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Golden Blood (flooding) Lyrics

Cathedral Golden Blood (flooding)

(music:Jennings, lyrics:Dorrian)
Crystal towers I've yearned to explore
Shatter as I enter their doors,
Splinters sink into tender parts of me
Devouring my inmost quality
Floating through a whimsical breeze
To the pitfalls of discoveries
Assasin of visual fallacy
Dispel aspiration, uncover travesty,
Fading convictions losing clarity
Descending to depths of insobriety
Golden blood flooding from me
Into eternal cynical streams
Dismayed by the curse of analogy
In theatrical and reality
Charcoaled spirit the stranger in me
Dissolved in timeless obstinacy
Spectacle of severity
Chasing myself away from me
Blemished wings of vibrancy
Elevate this bane from me.

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